What’s happening now?

Not much. I’m quite busy with real life and have little free time.

Ongoing projects

  • Electrification of the Királyliget route, reworking station platforms and replacing some textures
  • Renovation of a never-published 12 year old route
  • Building a Hungarian branch line (see recent posts about it)
  • Building the short Schlierenwagen (did a lot of work in summer 2014, but still far from release)

Completed projects

  • Providing help about creating routes, trains and objects in Hungarian forums
  • Wrote documentation on the installation of OpenBVE on Ubuntu and Windows
  • Wrote documentation on building train exteriors
  • Translated the documentation of Object Bender
  • Translated OpenBVE UI into Hungarian
  • Released several objects in the Hungarian Object Library under an open license
  • Translated Reschanger into Hungarian
  • Wrote licenses for objects in the Hungarian Object Library
  • Created the Sólyomvár and the Sólyomvár-Királyliget routes
  • Optimized several routes for OpenBVE
  • Optimized several Hungarian vehicles before release
  • Participated in writing the code for the Hungarian Object Library
  • Designed and created the BVE Klub website
  • Built the Királyliget route for BVE2, BVE4, OpenBVE
  • Participated in building the Bhv car (animations, stairs)
  • Adapted and converted routes to Hmmsim
  • Wrote documentation on Hmmsim conversion
  • Added cameras and refined some textures on the Nagybörzsöny-Nagyirtás route
  • Tested and repurted bugs about software for OpenBVE route building made by Managed Code and 3Ducker
  • Reworked the Hungarian Object Library into a WordPress based site

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