Stadler Flirt for openBVE – now a reality

We have been fiddling with the Stadler Flirt for a long time: it has been converted from György R.’s SketchUp model and it’s been up on my Dropbox/Google Drive for quite a long time and a lot of people were asking if it would be completed. I told everyone that I had no intention on doing more than the conversion and things seemed to have stalled at that point.

And then, all of a sudden, a young guy, Ziad (Zizzencs Zizzencs) appeared and said he’d do the texturing and splitting of the train into individual cars. Hearing that, Marcell Gál came to say he’d build the cabin and configure the physics and sounds on the same day (borrowing stuff from MSTS). And again, I started to do some minor fiddling with the train, such as deleting unnecessary files, decreasing file size, changing text file encoding to UTF-8 with BOM and adding details to Train.txt.

One day later the Flirt was released – that is, today. This is what I call effective teamwork!